Accuracy of Information

ShaykhPedia displays information based on other reliable sources.

At ShaykhPedia we endeavour to show the most accurate information about scholars and different Islamic terminologies.

All information displayed on the ShaykhPedia "view pages" must be verifiable by another source. At ShaykhPedia, we give every source a chance to be presented on ShaykhPedia, aslong as it does not slander or miscommunicate the message of Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam).

When we say "verified information", it is based on information found on other reliable sources. ShaykhPedia does not publish information based on no sources or its own original information. A source can be a webpage, pdf file, word file or book that states where it has obtained its information from.

Information that does not have a verifiable source maybe removed immediately without notice. Information with a poor strength of source are subject to be removed.

The credibility of a website, author, creator of information contributes to the strength of a source. Information takes from a webpage, pdf file, book must comply with its privacy policy/privacy statement.

The type of books that can be used for information sources are textbooks, books by reputable publishers, journals and magazines.

We would like to clarify that we do not possess complete knowledge of this world therefore the information displayed can contain possible inaccuracies. We ask Allah (Glory be to Him) to give us guidance, knowledge and wisdom in able to present the most accurate information.